Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I shouldn't still be awake, but since I am - and since it's Thursday - here we go!

I don't even know where to start.

This past weekend was completely amazing and exactly what I needed. Mom and I headed to Macon on Saturday morning. We got a late start, and we were unfortunately *almost* too late for Sara's bridal brunch. We arrived in time to see her open the last of her gifts. The ladies of the First Baptist Church of Macon were gracious hosts and reheated us 3 plates of brunchy-type foods. (Is there anything in this world better than BRUNCH?)

From The Anti-Crafter

Here we are with the bride! (Why am I not wearing earrings??)

Afterwards, there was a quick stop at Cousin Abby's house. I was long overdue to see it. I owe her big time for offering up her home for JJ's bachelorette party. (Any ideas on nice things I could do for her hubby?)

Abby, JJ, Mom, and I went to David's Bridal so that Abby and I could try on dresses. This is the first time since - well, ever - that I have looked forward to trying on dresses. I have curves and stuff. This is exciting beyond words.

Then it was back to JJ's apartment to tie bows around invitations. In case you missed it, I'll say it again - I am the Anti-Crafter. I was hopeless for the first 30 minutes. Thankfully, JRo and BetteJo were there to pick up my slack with their rockingly nimble fingers. JJ's fiance took MMJ down to check out the lake and the "lee-zards". I'm beyond thankful that he was there to babysit for us, and I imagine that he was beyond thankful to get out of tying any of those infernal ribbons!

From The Anti-Crafter

The Boys!

From The Anti-Crafter

The Girls!

From The Anti-Crafter

Me and MMJ - Just because he makes me look good! :)

I am incredibly thankful to have gotten a quality evening of taco salad and red wine with JRo. Our sanity depends on our infrequent visits. I believe that I can probably speak for her too - we've only been using the "royal We" for 9 years or so now. This was mostly courtesy of NeNe. She played puzzles and read and bathed MMJ - as JRo and I sat back, leaned on each other, and breathed huge sighs of relief.

JRo is my inspiration for all things crafty. I racked up big time on this trip - check out the paintings that she made for my new kitchen!

From The Anti-Crafter

Seriously - doesn't she make you sick?

As disappointed as I was to miss the third installment of Man Vs. Wife at church with Cameron, I was still ecstatic to attend JJ's church. I choose my churches based on the music. Going back as far as JRo's guitar playing at the Wesley Foundation, music makes or breaks my worship. Lately, I've been spoiled by Nashville music talent and contemporary-jump around-wave your hands in the air music. It's been difficult for me to adjust back to organs and hymnals. I will say now that I was not expecting to feel the rush of emotion that I did at IBC. The music was amazing. It swept me up. JJ honestly led me in worship on Sunday. I felt a spirit there that was comparable to any church with a 5 piece band and strobe lights. The pastor was funny and genuine, and I look forward to my next visit.

Once the Reverend Bobo (yes - totally his name) wrapped things up, we headed back towards Macon for lunch with my Macon family. It has been entirely too long since we've all been in the same place. We sat on the patio at Cheddar's. It was beautiful outside, and honestly, when we get together, we're a rowdy bunch. I laughed until my stomach hurt.

I'm thankful that my Macon father agreed to walk me down the aisle in September. I know that my father is grinning ear to ear not only because he loves Cameron, but because Joe will be the one to give me away on his behalf. I am thankful that the Johnson's have loved me as one of their own. (I'm actually one of many strays that they have taken in over the years. They're just that kind of family. <3 )

We basked in our happiness and replayed the weekend on the drive home.

Cam and the dogs were so happy to see us. I'm thankful for a man who is not jealous of my need for girl time. I'm thankful for a man who misses me, but encourages me to go anyway.

Last night, Cam and I drove over the mountain to see his sister and her family. They have a new baby, and I held him for well over an hour. I held his little feet in my hands and felt him stretch all his new, growing muscles. I'm also thankful that I handed him off just in time for him to pee all over Cam instead of me. :)

I'm thankful that even though it is slow progress, we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The move was expensive and stressful, but worth it. I'm thankful that we are closer to the kids. I'm thankful that I can stay up late into the night baking sugar cookies for the Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball. I'm thankful that I have family to provide hand-me-down princess dresses. I'm thankful that Cam will not only get to go to the ball, but that he will get to go to Tyler's T-Ball practice.

Last, but not least, I am thankful to have had a very encouraging conversation with a fellow about an administrative job that he will be hiring for in the next 6 weeks. I won't say too much about it, partially because I don't know too much about it yet, and partially because it's too early to get excited. God has something in store for me - I just don't know what it is yet. I suppose that I'll be thankful for the unknown as well.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big weekend.

Highlights of today:

*FINALLY getting a tour of Abby's house in Macon. LOVELOVELOVE!

*realizing that I can actually tie a half bow around a wedding invitation. (Coaching from JJ, JRo, and BJ was invaluable.)

*long overdue visit with half my Macon family and partially attending a lovely bridal brunch thrown by the lovely ladies of FBC Macon.

*trying on bridesmaid dresses and scheming bachelorette party ideas.

*dinner and wine with JRo. (Is anything more rejuvenating than an evening with old friends?)

*watching Mom work puzzles with Mellow.

Excitement for tomorrow:

*Attending JJ's church. Watching her amazing Minister of Music skills.

*Lunch with the Macon family. It's been too long. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve.

*Getting home to my beau. He rocks my world. Missed him.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Okay. I totally remember that this blog is here. It's been a busy week.

I'm thankful for visitors - tonight, Jonathan and his adorable girlfriend are here for their singing competition at Shorter college this weekend. Topics of conversation include plantar warts, acoustics of various men's bathrooms, and childhood shoplifting.

I'm thankful for a man who can cook - tonight, bacon wrapped venison tenderloin and roasted onion. (Mom's gingerbread with lemon curd sauce was phenomenal too!)

I'm thankful to be employed - though I am actively seeking alternate employment. I dropped off 10 resumes and emailed a couple more. I loved my Nashville Ted's. The Marietta one, not so much. I don't even make my gas money. Boo. Hiss. I had one shining moment. A couple who was in last week told me that they didn't believe that I had only been working there for a week, because they were sure that I had waited on them before. After a few moments, we realized that I waited on them after the Rock N Roll marathon in Nashville. We had a great time together and they tipped me well. It was nice that they remembered me, though, really - how could you forget Tricia?? :)

I'm thankful for friends who want to know what's going on in my life (aka people who harass me when I don't blog).

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No titles here.

It snowed last night, and I was crushed that my faux spring had been ripped away so suddenly. Imagine my joyous surprise when it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day! Gramma and I ran errands together. It wasn't anything spectacular, but she likes to ride and see the world. We went to the hardware store and the bank. She worked on a crossword puzzle in the car while Stephanie and I walked around the track. I'm not sure how far or how long we walked, but we covered about a week of catchup, so I figure it was enough.

Juliet and Jonathan are coming this weekend, and Mom and I did some major spring cleaning in her bedroom. There's nothing better than letting some fresh air in after a long winter. Can't wait for them to get here! We have some serious wedding planning to do - Juliet's... not mine. :P

I finally made it to one of the weekly dinners with the girls. I can't believe that I have seen them twice in a week now. I don't think I realized how lonely I was in Nashville. I am blessed with amazing friends - friends that I have taken for granted over the years. I love you all. Consider this your early Valentine's wishes. XOXOXO.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some days are harder than others.

Today, I worked a double shift. It was my first at the new store. Maybe I was naive to think that I'd come here and make the same money that I was making in Nashville. We've been incredibly blessed to have a place to come to and an unbelievably supportive mother to take care of us in the meantime. C's first check should come in next week. This is good news. We're still waiting for the deposit from the old apartment and his last paycheck from the old job. It's tough. Things are tight. He reminded me tonight, though, that it's always darkest before the dawn. I have to have faith that good things are coming because our motivations are good. Our priorities are in line. God will not give us more than we can handle - and He will provide.

The plan for today was to go and get a new tag for his car so that we can stop borrowing Mom's daily. (Thanks again, Mom!) The plan hit a snag, though, when we realized that one of the tires on my car was SHREDDED. I'm not sure what happened, but it was not going anywhere in that condition. Everything stops if we can't go to work, so that was bumped to the top of the priority list. C and my cousin tried and tried to get the tire off to no avail. C called the local tire place and found out that sometimes the aluminum wheels fuse/meld/get stuck on. He was advised to "bang on it with a hammer 30 or 40 times and then kick it as hard as you can". As strange as it sounds, it worked. My man is the best.

I'm off tomorrow. I'm hoping that his tag will not be terribly expensive - one of the benefits of living in a rural area.

My to do list for tomorrow is off the chain. (Does anyone still say that?) Mom and I were going to go look at houses, but I think that I need to research other job possibilities tomorrow. Blah.

On a much happier note, C is going to get to take Des to a Daddy-Daughter dance for Valentine's day. Regardless of any inconveniences and stress, this move has been the right one. We're so much closer to them. He can be so much more involved. It's all about them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another first time.

As a completely nonartistic teenager, I developed a love for collages. They allowed me to express myself without actually having to put pen to paper. One of my clippings has hung on my refrigerator for the last year. It is a two word statement in bold white words printed on a black background.

I am happy to report that - in my experience, it is completely true. I have been blessed beyond belief this year. I've come home - to stay - with one of my oldest friends. He brought two children into my life that have not only taught me about myself, but about the nature of love, the joy of everyday life, and the pleasure of experiencing everything as if it were the first time.

They learned in Sunday School that God is Love. I may need a new sign. One that says "God wins."

Here I am, Lord. I'm in Rockmart - surrounded by family. I'm happy. You win. Thank you.