Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big weekend.

Highlights of today:

*FINALLY getting a tour of Abby's house in Macon. LOVELOVELOVE!

*realizing that I can actually tie a half bow around a wedding invitation. (Coaching from JJ, JRo, and BJ was invaluable.)

*long overdue visit with half my Macon family and partially attending a lovely bridal brunch thrown by the lovely ladies of FBC Macon.

*trying on bridesmaid dresses and scheming bachelorette party ideas.

*dinner and wine with JRo. (Is anything more rejuvenating than an evening with old friends?)

*watching Mom work puzzles with Mellow.

Excitement for tomorrow:

*Attending JJ's church. Watching her amazing Minister of Music skills.

*Lunch with the Macon family. It's been too long. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve.

*Getting home to my beau. He rocks my world. Missed him.


  1. EEEEK! So much excited I get to see you AGAIN today!!

  2. And, it's official, even thought you aren't as anti-crafty as you think you are!