Thursday, February 10, 2011

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It snowed last night, and I was crushed that my faux spring had been ripped away so suddenly. Imagine my joyous surprise when it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day! Gramma and I ran errands together. It wasn't anything spectacular, but she likes to ride and see the world. We went to the hardware store and the bank. She worked on a crossword puzzle in the car while Stephanie and I walked around the track. I'm not sure how far or how long we walked, but we covered about a week of catchup, so I figure it was enough.

Juliet and Jonathan are coming this weekend, and Mom and I did some major spring cleaning in her bedroom. There's nothing better than letting some fresh air in after a long winter. Can't wait for them to get here! We have some serious wedding planning to do - Juliet's... not mine. :P

I finally made it to one of the weekly dinners with the girls. I can't believe that I have seen them twice in a week now. I don't think I realized how lonely I was in Nashville. I am blessed with amazing friends - friends that I have taken for granted over the years. I love you all. Consider this your early Valentine's wishes. XOXOXO.

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