Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another first time.

As a completely nonartistic teenager, I developed a love for collages. They allowed me to express myself without actually having to put pen to paper. One of my clippings has hung on my refrigerator for the last year. It is a two word statement in bold white words printed on a black background.

I am happy to report that - in my experience, it is completely true. I have been blessed beyond belief this year. I've come home - to stay - with one of my oldest friends. He brought two children into my life that have not only taught me about myself, but about the nature of love, the joy of everyday life, and the pleasure of experiencing everything as if it were the first time.

They learned in Sunday School that God is Love. I may need a new sign. One that says "God wins."

Here I am, Lord. I'm in Rockmart - surrounded by family. I'm happy. You win. Thank you.


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